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Top 5 GoPro Camera Accessories


So, you've taken the plunge and purchased a new GoPro camera. Welcome to the world of action cameras! No doubt you've seen some of the cool videos others have shot that show the capabilities of this little wonder and now are wondering what you'll need to help capture your own videos, especially underwater videos. Here is a quick list of what we consider to be the top 5 accessories every diver should own to help make their underwater video project successful.

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7 Things You Learn On a Dive Trip

Divemasters drawing dive site maps

  1. Everyone has a different outlook on dive planning and listening to the dive briefing. Have you ever been on a dive boat at an unfamiliar location or dive site and one of the divers in the boat doesn’t pay attention to the briefing? Does that person have experience in the type of diving at that dive site, or do they just feel they don’t need to listen to the briefing? Listening to the dive briefing regardless of your experience not only shows respect toward the Divemaster, it also ensures you are familiar with what to expect with regard to the conditions and variables at the dive site, and what marine life that you may encounter. Who knows, you may even see something new! Read more »

A Field Guide to Minor Mishaps

Adventurous travelers go to great lengths to prepare for serious medical emergencies, but it's often mundane and seemingly simple problems that interrupt trips or impair our ability to enjoy them. Prepare for minor annoyances to keep them from becoming major problems. Get the full story here



Meet the sand-pooping, reef-saving, hermaphroditic parrotfish

You'll probably hear the parrotfish before you see them. The animals chomp through solid rock and coral with fused beaks. When you're snorkeling on one of Hawaii's reefs, the noise is unmistakable. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Get the full story here