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AERIS Merges With Oceanic

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American Underwater Products (AUP) announced today the merger of two of their recreational dive companies, AERIS & Oceanic. Each of these companies currently offer similar product lines to the diving industry worldwide. Effective September 1st, 2014, these lines will be combined and sold exclusively under the Oceanic brand.

The merger will allow American Underwater Products to focus its resources and major synergies, enabling Oceanic to grow its business and product offerings in its traditional markets, with continued growth in new market sectors and new export markets.

AUP realizes that AERIS has made significant technology and product contributions to the diving industry for the last sixteen years. Merging these technologies and products with those of Oceanic, the industry veteran, will certainly heighten the Oceanic product offering to its expanding worldwide customer base.

“The merger would provide a very positive experience for the combined customer base of the two companies,” said Mike Hollis, CEO of American Underwater Products. “It will deliver a broader product offering and greater levels of service and support to the worldwide diving industry.”

Effective September 1st, 2014, AERIS customer service responsibilities and warranties will be accepted by Oceanic.

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Man-made Skin Reveals How Sharks Swim So Fast

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Special Purchase Oceanic Air Intgrated Computers

We've made a special purchase of some Oceanic Air-integrated computers! Now in stock in limited quantities at the Delafield store is the Oceanic Pro Plus 2.1. These computers have very large displays for ease of reading, even for those who are “getting up there in logged dives”, if you know what we mean! Here are some of the other features: Read more »