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Is Your Gear Ready to Go?

Your dive gear is life-support equipment, so you must keep it in good condition. The following guidelines will help you make sure your gear is ready to go when you are… Read more »


Top 5 GoPro Camera Accessories


So, you've taken the plunge and purchased a new GoPro camera. Welcome to the world of action cameras! No doubt you've seen some of the cool videos others have shot that show the capabilities of this little wonder and now are wondering what you'll need to help capture your own videos, especially underwater videos. Here is a quick list of what we consider to be the top 5 accessories every diver should own to help make their underwater video project successful.

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Do Not Take the PADI Rescue Diver Course!

English: Beaching a casualty and providing in-...

You read the title correctly…..I’ve realized over the course of certifying well over 1000 people to different levels, that there are many reasons why someone should NOT take the PADI Rescue Diver course. I’ve compiled a list of reasons, some of which may apply to you. Here goes:

Do not take the PADI Rescue Diver Course if:

  • You do not want to receive training in how to handle recreational diver emergencies, from something as simple as a tired diver, to a panicked diver at the surface or underwater, to searching for a missing diver to handling an unresponsive diver underwater or at the surface. 
  • You do not want to gain confidence in your own skills and abilities as a diver and as a dive buddy. Rescue Divers make great dive buddies, but you probably don’t want to be a buddy like that, now do you?
  • You can’t stand the thought of assisting another diver either on shore or in the water…after all, they’re certified, shouldn’t they be able to help themselves?
  • You definitely don’t like challenges….you’re basically content with where you are as a diver.
  • You don’t want to learn new techniques in diving or in assisting other divers.
  • You believe there is only one way to do certain things. The Rescue Diver Course teaches you to think about options, but you’re not that open-minded are you?
  • You don’t want to achieve the “black belt” of recreational diving – PADI Master Scuba Diver…heavens no!
  • You certainly don’t want to move to the professional ranks, like being a PADI Divemaster or Instructor and sharing your passion for the sport.
  • You don’t want to meet potential new dive buddies.
  • You don’t like to have fun!

Obviously, this was a tongue-in-cheek look at why someone SHOLUD take the PADI Rescue Diver Course. Once you are certified as a Rescue Diver, you can look back and see you have really accomplished something. Ask any Rescue Diver or Instructor and they will tell you Rescue was their most fun class and the Instructor will tell you it’s their most favorite to teach. I know it was and is for me.

At the Open Water Diver level, you were just getting started with your own comfort level…with the gear, procedures, and diving in general. When you took your Advanced Open Water course, you started to see there are other opportunities for diving; you learned more about navigation, deep diving, maybe search & recovery, maybe night diving. Now at the Rescue Diver level, you will start to direct your attention to the well-being of others. The Rescue Diver course prepares you to prevent, and if necessary, handle recreational diving emergencies.

So, take a look at the reasons listed….and then stop in to sign up for Rescue. You and your dive buddies will be glad you did! For class schedules and more about the Rescue Diver course, check out our website: PADI Rescue Diver Course


What’s The Deal With Nitrox, Anyway?

For the past several years, “nitrox” has been the big buzzword in the diving community. You've read about it in magazines, you've seen people diving with it, and maybe your buddies have tried it….but what exactly is “nitrox”? Well nitrox is the same stuff you've been breathing since the day you were born. Any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is “nitrox”. If you have a mixture of nitrox where the percentage of oxygen is greater than 21% (which is the percentage of oxygen in air), you have “Enriched Air Nitrox”, or EANx for short.

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Underwater Connection Wins Prestigious PADI Award

John Shuder wins PADI award

Bill Hamm from PADI interviewing award winner John Shuder

Today at the PADI Live presentation at our annual trade show, better known as DEMA (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) Show, we were awarded the prestigious Overall Outstanding Achievement Award for 2012 from PADI. Awards were given out to various dive centers and Instructors for things like new diver acquisition, diver retention and continuing education proficiency, Instructor Development and Project AWARE marine environmental activities. The final award encompassed all aspects mentioned above.

There are over 1700 Resort and Retail Association members in PADI Americas, which includes the US, Canada, Central and South America. The staff at PADI narrowed the possible award nominees to the final 30 in each category and then narrowed even further to the top five facilities. Once these five were selected, the PADI administration looked at all aspects of the finalists dive operations, and we were selected as the winner in the overall category.

We are fortunate, humbled and grateful to our many customers, friends and staff to have achieved this award.


PADI’s Goes Live!

A new consumer online website for all levels of diver has gone live today! Check out this video that describes what Scubaearth is all about!


You can create your profile and log on to Scubaearth HERE