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Top 5 GoPro Camera Accessories


So, you've taken the plunge and purchased a new GoPro camera. Welcome to the world of action cameras! No doubt you've seen some of the cool videos others have shot that show the capabilities of this little wonder and now are wondering what you'll need to help capture your own videos, especially underwater videos. Here is a quick list of what we consider to be the top 5 accessories every diver should own to help make their underwater video project successful.

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DEMA Show Updates Day 1

Well, we are here in Orlando for our annual trade show, the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, better known as DEMA. During the four day run of the show, there are representatives from almost every imaginable aspect of the scuba industry: certification agencies, equipment manufacturers, resort destinations, and dive travel agents. In fact, there are even small companies whose sole niche in the industry is to sell zippers!

Anyway, today was the start of the show, and from all appearances it should be successful. Before the show opened at 10 am, there were huge crowds of attendees waiting to get into the show floor, to see the latest gear. Meet with reps and network with old and new friends.

Some of the big highlights included the revised Open Warer Diver course at the PADI booth, along with some new gear we are planning on getting into the stores as soon as available. For example, Oceanic has revisited the Omega regulator and those who have been around a while remember this regulator as a side exhaust model that was known as an extremely easy breather and one that had a very lightweight second stage. We've got some of these on order and they should be in store by the early part of 2014.

Light and Motion, makers of the famous Sola line of dive and photo lights unveiled their new GoBe line of lights…rechargeable handles with interchangeable light heads that can be used for almost any type of diving, including standard lighting, fluorescence diving, or even video and still photography.

Probably the most exciting thing we saw today was the new video light and strobe from Sealife. The new strobe and video light are about half the size of the old models, but still packing the same light output! Plus they have developed a new arm system that can be expanded and is made of a newer materials that doesn't squeak when trying to reposition the light or strobe.

The photo on the left shows just how small the new strobe and video light real are. We were amazed at how light, compact and easy to expand the system was, and how this will be a big selling point for traveling divers who need a strobe or video light, but don't want a lot of bulk. To go along with the new lighting systems, Sealife has also developed a new travel case for the camera and strobe combo…again, much smaller than previous models.

Here's a shot of a complete system packed away in the new case.

These new strobe and light systems will be shipping in early December, and we will have some in stock for Christmas.

Of course, no DEMA show would be compete without seminars put on by manufacturers or certifying agencies or Divers Alert Network. We attended a couple of seminars DAN pressnted today, and they were very informative. In one, the DAN medic discussed how divers sometimes don't apply critical thinking when there is the possibility of a diving accident or fall victim to “Internet induced decompression sickness” a term that describes someone who thinks they may be bent based on what they have read online without checking for accuracy or medical opinion.

The second DAN seminar we attended today dealt with the pathophysiology of immersion….in other words what happens to our bodies when we are submerged, and what some of the little known risk factors we subject ourselves to when diving.

So, lots to see and do at the show, lots of educational opportunities and still more to come in the next three days, so stay tuned for more updates!