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February 4, 2014

Roatan Trip Report #2

Published on February 4,2014
By Colin Zylka

Today found our group somewhat splintered…at least for the first morning dive. Part of our group decided to take part in the shark dive that is done on the south side of the island at a dive site called Cara y Cara, or Face to Face. This dive is an optional one that many of the dive operators on Roatan utilize not only to bring some additional excitement to each week, but also to prove to those who think that sharks are some man hunting animals that they are wrong, and dharks are some of the nost beautiful animal in the sea. Everyone who went on the shark dive today came back very excited, and many were anxious to see what video and still shots they had captured.


The rest of the day went pretty much like a normal dive day, with a couple of exceptions. First, those who did not do the shark dive were treated to both a whale shark sighting as well as dolphins swimming with the boat on the return from the second dive. The captian was kind enough to slow the boat down so we would jump off and swim with the dolphins. There were three pods, each with 5 or 6 dolhins. Really cool to see and do! Like sharks, these are absolutely beautiful animals, especially when you see them in their natural habitat. This just made the dolphin dive we have planned for Wednesday even more exciting.

We also had one of our two night dives today, with some of the group doing Fluo diving, where special lights are used to see some underwater fluorescence. Neat visual effect. Others who were using standard torches found octopus, lobster, and huge king crab among other smaller critters. Fun dive for al!

On a different topic….its always interesting and gratifying to see divers who have been trained with us make the jump from rank “newbie” who spend most of their time swimming inefficiently, being overweighted, and generally not being as comfortable as a more experienced diver would be to somewone who can control their buoyancy well, has awareness of what and who is around them, and knows proper boat diving etiquette.

On this trip we have a couple of relatively new divers, and both are doing well…but then doing three dives a day will certainly give one lots of experience in different conditions! Another great way to gain some experience either before your next trip or during the dive seaon is to take a Scuba Review class or a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy class with us. You will sharpen your skills in the water with a particular emphasis on buoyancy control and body positioning during these two courses. We have schedules for both these courses on our website:

Needless to say those who are signed up to do the dolphin dive tomorrow are really getting excited. Pictures and video clips will be posted as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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