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February 6, 2014

Roatan Trip Report #4

Published on February 6,2014
By Colin Zylka

Today was a huge day for things underwater….including at least one free swimming green moay eel on every dive, three turtles on the second morning dive, lots of lobsters on the night dive, and the highlight of the day/night was a huge toadfish sighting! Plus we go to dive the wreck of the Odyssey, a frieghter in about 100 feet of water.

On both the night dive we did on Tuesday as well as the night dive we did tonight, we could hear the toadfish croaking quite well. In fact on tonight's night dive we could hear it so loudly that the sound reverberated in our chests. After searching for a few minutes, a couple of our group found the toadfish hiding in a deep crevice in the reef…they were able to see it, but unable to take a picture or shoot any video since it was tucked in so deeply in the reef.

As far as resort happenings today…the other half of our group did their dolphin dive and one of our group actually got nipped on the arm by one of the dolphins. Nothing major, but it did startle her when she looked over to see the dolphin coming towards her and latch onto her arm.

Lunch today was out on the key, and consisted of soft tacos, chips, salsa, rice, beans, and cake for dessert….a nice treat.The food at Anthony's Key has been nothing short of great, with lots of choices for even the pickiest of eaters in our group.

I haven't mentioned the crew from our boat. The captain is JoJo, who is quite the character; always joking and telling stories about this or that and how we are all Navy Seals for the way we exit and return to the boat so efficiently. The Divemasters are Jeromie (when he says his name it sounds like he is saying “germy”) and Calderone. Both are good guides and show us lots of cool critters under water. They both move very slowly to allow the photographers to get the shots they want without feeling rushed.


Once again, I have to mention how many eels and turtles we are seeing on some of the dives. Even though we aren't seeing many spotted or sharptail eels that we see in places like Bonaire, the fact that so many really big green morays are out swimming on the reef is something out of the ordinary.

Turtles on Roatan

As we come to the end of a fun filled trip, we are sad to go, as the weather back home has been frigid, and thankful for having the priviledge to see the undersea world that only scuba divers get to experience. I guess that means we just have to start planning our next trip when we get back!


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