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February 7, 2014

Roatan Trip Report #5

Published on February 7,2014
By Colin Zylka

And so we bring to conclusion another fun and successful trip! Today we did two dives to round out the week of diving, and believe it or not these were some of the best dives of the week. We headed out to the west end of Roatan where the water was calmer, and did the first dive where we saw two turtles, lots of lobsters and some very healthy coral reef formations.

After a quick turnaround, we headed back to one of the western sites for the second dive called “Divemaster's Choice” an aptly named site, as this was simply superb as far as marine life. Turtles, a swimming southern stingray, a spotted eagle ray and lobsters all made up the sightings on this dive.

It's always interesting to me when we get to the end of a dive trip….everyone is sort of melancholy and you can tell by their faces and expressions they're thinking of going home and back to reality. The boat crew tends to be a little more helpful and friendly, and by the end of the last dive everyone looks back at what a great week of diving adventures we had and what fun awaits us on the next trip. In fact, during happy hour at the bar this evening, plans were already being hatched for trips coming up in 2015 and 2016! Be sure to watch our website for future trips, and sign up fast, as they tend to sell out quickly!

Over a fantastic dinner of filet mignon or lobster tails, we all thought about the highlights of this past week….for some it was the shark dive, for others, the dolphin dive and for still others, their first ocean dives since becoming certified this past summer. As I am wont to do during these discussions, I make it a point to remind everyone how lucky we are to be able to scuba dive, to travel and to have such good friends who all get along and look out for each other before, during and after dives. These are the true dive buddies who help carry gear for each other, remind everyone to check their gas supply point out interesting critters, and help the photographers and videographers with their shots.

So we are all packed and ready to come home to the snow and cold, with fond memories of fun days of diving, friendship and adventures!


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