Brian Treinen

While I've always loved the water (boating, water skiing, swimming, snorkeling) I'd never considered diving until a 10th wedding anniversary trip to Tulum with my wife. Despite my reluctance they talked me in to doing a DSD by appealing to my frugal side offering my money back if I didn't like it. I gladly paid them as I was instantly hooked. The only question was - why hadn't I done this earlier! What started out as a small new hobby quickly grew into my primary passion. I did my Open Water in WI with Underwater Connection and followed that up immediately with Advanced in Mexico. At the time I intended to be a warm, clear, blue water diver, however, I missed that "neutral buoyancy therapy" so signed up for a couple Lake Michigan charters and dove wet. Brrr! So the next year I bought a drysuit and dove more actively in Lake Michigan have made trips to Lake Superior and many inland lakes.

SCUBA has brought my wife and I to many beautiful places, Tulum, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, Aruba, Roatan, Bonaire, Jamaica, North FL, Hawaii, Truk Lagoon. On a later trip back to Playa del Carmen / Tulum I was introduced to the incredible beauty of their world famous Cenotes and once again, was instantly hooked. I got my Cavern certification and am looking forward to full cave soon. That quest was interrupted by going from open circuit to CCR with MOD1 and MOD2 certs. Each step in the journey has been challenging, rewarding, outstanding! Along the way I decided to become a Dive Master because I just couldn't keep this all to myself and love the look on people's faces when they discover the underwater world!

Certified since 2007
Highest Level:
OC - Dive Master
CCR - MOD2 Normoxic Trimix
PADI Open Water - 10/2007
PADI AOW - 11/2007
PADI Rescue - 10/2008
PADI EaNX - 3/2009
PADI Drysuit - 5/2009
PADI Ice Diver - 1/2010
PADI Dive Master - 9/2013
IANTD Cavern - 11/2012
TDI Rebreather MOD1 - 2/2013
TDI Rebreather MOD2 - 1/2014
IANTD Rebreather MOD2 - 5/2015