PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course

deep divers The purpose of the PADI Deep Diver course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, procedures, techniques, and hazards of diving between depths of 60 to 130 feet. This is not a course for learning how to do decompression dives. We do, however, talk about proper equipment for deep dives, review the symptoms of nitrogen narcosis, decompression sickness, and flying after diving recommendations. The Recreational Dive Planner is brought up as a review, since this is one of the primary backup devices all divers should use. The three dives done for certification are all at varying depth, gradually acclimating the participant to different and deeper depths. This course is also strongly recommended for anyone interested in the PADI Wreck Diver Course. Prerequisite: 15 years of age, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent, and 20 logged dives if not a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

From the PADI Deep Diver Instructor Guide:

Course Philosophy and Goals
"It's a rare diver who hasn't felt the urge to dive deep. Deep diving opens the door to many new exciting dive sites like deeper wrecks, reefs and walls. As a rule, divers tend to be adventurous people, and deep diving - whether to visit a wreck or take photos - can certainly be called adventurous. It's only natural that like most divers, you have some interest in deep diving."

"Deep diving is a means to an end. You make a deep dive to see, to do or to experience something that you can't on a shallower dive. There's no reason to make a deep dive if you can make essentially the same dive at a shallower depth. Unlike shallower dives, deep dives tend to be short since time and air supply is limited. Therefore, you don't have a great deal of time to do much so you'll need to make smart decisions about a dive objective and dive accomplishments. Keep that thought, the philosophy of this course is to focus on making smart decisions for a stress free, deep diving experience with an emphasis on safety. Thus, the goal of this course is to bring to light the necessary equipment needed to support deep diving activities, to discourage thrill seeker attitudes and encourage the proper deep diver behavior of following appropriate limits, and to teach student divers a systematic, methodical approach to enjoying deep diving. Student divers will develop the techniques involved in deep diving within recreational limits (between the depths of 18 metres/60 feet and 40 metres/130 feet) while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life."

"The best way to learn Deep Diving procedures and to apply them is by doing it. This course philosophy, therefore, expands student diver knowledge about deep dive planning and organization, the basics of deep diving, hazards to avoid, deep diving support equipment, and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life they'll see while deep diving. Student divers will apply the knowledge they gain by reading the PADI Deep Diver Manual and watching the companion video on at least four open water dives practicing and demonstrating the practical aspects of deep diving."

We can conduct the Deep Diver course on tropical trips, but usually many of our local dive sites can suffice for conducting the course. See our Trips Page for trips that may include the Deep Diver Course or go to our Class Schedules.