PADI Divemaster Course Synopsis

This is a quick synopsis of the requirements and prerequisites for the PADI Divemaster course along with a recommended sequence:
  • Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent and PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • Be at least 18 years old by the start of the course
  • Have 40 logged dives
  • Have a current (within two years) CPR and First Aid certification at the time of Divemaster certification
Recommended Sequence:
PADI Divemaster Course 1. Get your Medical Form signed by your physician before starting any Divemaster Course components
2. Schedule your watermanship assessments with one of our Instructors. Each of the swimming tests is scored based on time and stamina.
a. Swim 400 yards nonstop, without swimming aids and using any stroke or combination of strokes
b. Tread water/drown proof wearing only a swimsuit for 15 minutes, in water too deep in which to stand, with hands (not arms) out of the water during the last two minutes
c. Swim 800 yards face down, using mask, snorkel, fins, nonstop, without flotation aids, and without using arms to swim
d. Tow or push a diver for 100 yards nonstop at the surface, without assistance, with both divers equipped in full scuba equipment
3. Demonstrate the rescue of a simulated unresponsive, non-breathing diver, located at the bottom in either confined or open water
4. Successfully complete an equipment exchange skill while sharing a single air source under water.
5. Read the entire PADI Dvemaster Manual and view the course DVD
6. Complete all Knowledge Reviews from the PADI Divemaster Manual
a. The first three Knowledge Reviews need to be completed before any in-water internship sessions
7. Attain a passing score (75%) on the 120 question PADI Divemaster Final Exam
8. Prepare an emergency assistance plan for a dive site assigned by the Instructor
9. Successfully complete a Skills Evaluation of the 24 basic skills from the PADI Open Water Diver Course

You can also complete the Knowledge Development portion of the Divemaster Course online via PADI's eLearning option.
Click the image below to get started.

PADI eLearning

Divemaster Practical Application Sessions
Once the preliminary evaluations are done as described above, you are ready to complete the practical application sessions:
Skill #1: Dive Setup and Management:
This skill prepares the candidate to organize and manage the pre-dive preparation at a dive site whether they are supervising certified divers or acting as an instructional assistant
Skill #2: Mapping Project:
Your Instructor will assign a dive site and you will complete a map of the underwater features. Attention to detail is important in this skill
Skill #3: Dive Briefing:
Using the Divemaster Slates, the candidate will prepare and deliver a dive briefing.
Skill #4: Search & Recovery Scenario:
The candidate will conduct a large area and a small area search for a missing object under water. Use of lift bags with appropriate knots for rigging will be evaluated.
Skill #5: Deep Dive Scenario:
Candidates will prepare for and conduct a deep dive (over 60 feet) with navigation away from and back to the reference line.

Workshop #1: Scuba Review in Confined Water:
This workshop prepares the candidate to conduct Scuba Review for certified divers
Workshop #2: Skin Diver Course:
This workshop prepares the candidate for conducting the PADI Skin Diver and Discover Snorkeling courses
Workshop #3: Discover Scuba Diving in Confined Water:
This workshop prepares the candidate to conduct the Discover Scuba experience once certified as a Divemaster with Discover Scuba Diving Leader qualifications.
Workshop #4: Discover Scuba Diving Program-Additional Open Water Dive:
This workshop prepares the candidate to conduct Discover Scuba open water dives once certified as a Divemaster with Discover Scuba Leader qualifications.
Workshop #5: Discover Local Diving in Open Water
This workshop prepares the candidate to practice evaluating dive conditions, planning a dive, giving a dive briefing, etc. for certified divers.

Practical Assessment #1: Open Water Diver students in Confined Water
Practical Assessment #2: Open Water Diver students in Open Water
Practical Assessment #3: Continuing Education students in Open Water
Practical Assessment #4: Certified Divers in Open Water

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