PADI Drysuit Diver Specialty Course

drysuit diver For you cold water divers, or for someone thinking about purchasing a dry suit, the Drysuit Diver course will serve as your introduction to the different types of drysuits, their construction, features, benefits, and operation. We also discuss how to make minor suit repairs, along with some of the important emergency skills needed to safely use this type of exposure suit. We have a pool session to get you acquainted with your suit, then we make two open water dives for certification. Prerequisite: PADI Open Water Diver or higher.

From the PADI Drysuit Diver Instructor Guide:

Course Philosophy and Goals
"Why dive dry - simply to stay warm. No one said diving had to be cold or wet. Diving dry is the difference between withstanding the 40 degree temperature of some waters to enjoy watching a three-inch scallop's beadlike eyes spangle the edges of a brightly colored mantle. It is the difference in witnessing the powerful jaws and massive grinding teeth in a mouth of a wolf eel, hovering-by as a giant octopus propels itself by jetting water past its eight sucker-covered arms, or simply not diving at all. More often than not, in colder waters, dry suit diving can be the difference between experiencing multiple dives in one day or making one chilly wet suit dive and listening to others tell you about what you've missed on the dives you were just too cold to make."

"With this in mind, the philosophy of this course is to focus on comfort diving in a dry suit. Thus, the goal of this course is to show student divers how to consider all factors when comfort diving in a dry suit. The course covers everything from choices of dry suit materials, techniques for controlling buoyancy above and underwater, dressing into and out of a dry suit, to maintenance and repair concerns. Student divers learn to use the most effective and efficient means to extend their underwater adventure into cold water-without getting cold or wet. The best way to learn how to dive in a dry suit is by doing it. This course philosophy therefore, emphasizes comfort diving in a dry suit. Student divers will apply the knowledge they gain by reading the PADI Dry Suit Diver Manual and watching the companion video first in a confined water session, and then on at least two open water dives."


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