Jean Zylka

First certified since 1995
Highest Certification Level:Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Instructor Since (Year):2000

Instructor Specialties
_____ Altitude
__x__ Boat
__x__ Deep
__x__ Drysuit
_____ Enriched Air Nitrox
_____ Ice
_____ Drift
_____ Wreck
__x__ Night
__x__ U/W Navigation
_____ U/W Photographer
_____ U/W Videographer
_____ U/W Naturalist
_____ Search & Recovery
_____ Cavern
_____ DPV
_____ Multi-level
__x__ Emergency First Response
__x__ DAN O2
_____ Others (list)

Favorite types of diving: My philosophy is that any dive is a good dive! I love the local diving for the challenges it provides in visibility and for the training opportunities it allows. I love the dive travel to interesting areas of the world and the strange and unusual creatures found in ocean diving.
Favorite diving location: So far: Palau and Yap for biodiversity and culture. Also really enjoyed Indonesia and the unique fish and creatures found there. However, there are more places to travel and more things to experience and more things to see. (and try to take pictures of!)
Full-time Employer: Northwestern Mutual Life