Jon Knudsen

First certified 2001
Highest Certification Level: Advanced Tri-Mix TDI,PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Instructor Since: 2004

Instructor Specialties:
___X_ Altitude
___X_ Boat
___X_ Deep
___X_ Drysuit
___X_ Enriched Air Nitrox
_____ Ice
_____ Drift
___X_ Wreck
___X_ Night
_____ U/W Navigation
_____ U/W Photographer
_____ U/W Videographer
_____ U/W Naturalist
_____ Search & Recovery
_____ Cavern
_____ DPV
___X_ Multi-level
___X_ Emergency First Response
_____ DAN O2
_____ Others

Favorite types of diving: I love both wreck diving and tropical reefs.
I started my diving adventure when a friend of mine in Utah had a buddy fresh out of instructor certification. My buddy asked if I would be part of his friends first class (a guinea pig). I was hooked from the moment I jumped into the pool the first time. Within a year I was transferred to Milwaukee where I signed up for my Adventures In Diving class at Underwater Connection. My diving career really took off once I met Mike Haynes at Underwater Connection. Since then I have become a wreck diving fanatic, which has taken me around the world to places like Chuuk and Bikini Atoll. A highlight of my dive instructing career came in December 2006, when I was able to certify my 10 year old son as a junior open water diver. We were able to visit Stuart's Cove in early January for a father son outing to finish his check out dives and see the famous Bahamas Shark Dive Adventure One of my favorite activities is teaching new students to dive. As I teach new students, I am reminded what an awesome sport diving is, and how lucky I am to live in the Great Lakes region.

Favorite diving location: My favorite location for tropical reef style diving is Maui Hawaii. My favorite locations for wreck diving for warm water is Truk Lagoon, Chuuk Micronesia. My favorite fresh water diving are the wrecks of the Great Lakes.
Full-time Employer: Cisco Systems, Inc.
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