PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Instructor Specialty Courses

master scuba diver trainer patch If you were to tell someone that you were an "Open Water Scuba instructor" or a "Master Scuba Diver Trainer" which do you think would be more impressive? Right...the Master Scuba Diver Trainer would carry more prestige, due to the word "Master"in the title.

The typical progression for the newly minted Open Water Instructor after getting certified is to start teaching specialties in which they are interested. There are a few ways that will allow and instructor to start teaching PADI Specialty Diver courses:
  1. Take the PADI Specialty Course from a Course Director
  2. Apply directly to PADI to teach a particular Specialty course
  3. Write a Distinctive Specialty outline and submit it to PADI for approval
Here are some advantages and disadvantages to each method:

The advantage to Method #1 is that you only need 10 logged dives in the Specialty for which you are applying. When you take the Specialty Course from a Course Director, you will receive practical hands-on training in how the course should be conducted. The dives that are done for the Instructor course count towards the required number. There is no minimum number of certifications required. So what this means is that if you are a brand new Open Water Scuba instructor, and you decide to take the Underwater Navigator Instructor Specialty Course, your first certification could be an Underwater Navigator student.

Method #2 is fine for those who have at least 20 logged dives in the related Specialty and have certified at least 25 divers to any level. This option is popular for those who have a lot of experience as an instructor as well as in the Specialty course.

Method #3 is for those who want to develop their own Distinctive Specialty Diver Course. Here, the instructor must submit a course outline to PADI for approval.

Below is a list of PADI Specialty Courses that are taught by Colin Zylka, our PADI Course Director:

For more information on PADI Specialty Courses, please contact Colin Zylka our Course Director at 262-646-8283 or via e-mail: Be sure to ask about Instructor Specialty package pricing, where we offer a complete Master Scuba Diver prep course (5 Specialties) for 4, get one free!