Nicholas Wied

My first taste of this incredible sport occurred during a family camping trip in Waupaca, WI in the late 80's. My uncle who was certified was diving in the lake at our campground, and being that I was all of 7 years old, he thought I was ready to try something cool. He put the regulator in my mouth, and along with my Donald duck mask and fins, told me not to hold my breath. After attaching weights to me we sunk 7 feet into the muck, what a great first experience! Then later in life I got certified and realized just how beautiful, peaceful, and energizing diving can be!

I have many dives both close to home and far away, in shipwrecks, and with all sorts of marine life. I have the privilege of being both a Divemaster and a Master Scuba Diver. I love leading the Discover Scuba Classes, and watching the amazement on everyone's face the first time they get to experience scuba. My goal is to dive the Pharaoh's Lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt.

First certified: 2007
Highest Certification Level: PADI Divemaster
PADI Certifications:
* Open water
* Advanced open water
* Rescue
* Master Scuba Diver
* Divemaster
* Night
* Deep
* Nitrox
* Peak Performance Buoyancy
* Underwater Photographer
* Wreck
* Underwater Navigation

Favorite types of diving: Warm water, High visibility
Favorite diving location: Anywhere new
Full-time Employer: Sanofi
E-mail address: