Snorkeling Classes

snorkeling programs Going on a cruise or other warm water vacation? Never been snorkeling? Always wanted to learn, but didn't know where to go?

Let us introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world through a Snorkeling Program!

Our philosophy mirrors that of our scuba certifying agency, in that we believe:
1) People snorkel because they want to see and interact with the underwater world.
2) Snorkeling is easy and safe; formal, lengthy training is unnecessary.
3) Snorkelers may not want to be scuba divers.

When you take part in one of our snorkeling classes, you will be under the guidance of one of our professional staff. Your snorkeling experience will start out in three feet of water, which is shallow enough in which to stand.
You will be advised on how your mask should fit, how to adjust the strap, and how to attach the snorkel properly. Also, the instructor will review fin use for effective swimming at the surface.
After getting comfortable in shallow water, you will progress into deeper water while breathing through the snorkel at the surface. Eventually, you will be snorkeling at the surface of the deep well of the pool, which is 12 feet deep.

This is where you have complete freedom as to how the rest of the class proceeds. If you are comfortable, your instructor will demonstrate proper surface-dive techniques, along with snorkel clearing tips and suggestions. Or, if you prefer, you can practice your swimming and snorkeling technique in the shallower parts of the pool.
The entire experience is meant to be low stress, fun and enjoyable!

Pricing options:
$45.00 includes use of all equipment (mask, snorkel and fins).

$25.00 does not include any equipment (You supply your own mask, snorkel, fins).

Since there is no minimum age to attend one of our Snorkeling Programs, anyone can take part from kids to seniors!

To find out more about Snorkeling Programs in the Milwaukee area, simply give any of our three stores a call for program dates and meeting times.