Steve Lentz

I was introduced into diving in 1970 with the US Navy at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After leaving the Navy in 1972, I didn't dive again until 1997. A friend of mine had a pile of dive equipment in the back of his station wagon that he had purchased in 1979 and wanted to get rid of it. He gave it to me with the agreement that "I would not bring it back". I didn't know it at the time but when I took it to a dive shop to have checked out they laughed and said it belonged in a museum! And I thought it was state of the art compared to what we used in the Navy in 1970! So I enrolled in an open water class and became certified in May of 1997. Since then I have earned 15 other certifications including Divemaster. I enjoy ANY kind of diving but really love wreck or drift diving with a reef hook. I have been to Fort Lauderdale, the Bahamas', Exuma's, Eleuthra's, Fiji, Oahu, Truk Lagoon, the nuclear fleet at Bikini Atoll and Palau. In addition I have dove dozens of wrecks in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. And for a "quick dive trip" I'll head out to Long Lake, Nagawicka, Lannon or Redgrannite Quarry or Lake Wazee. I especially love live aboards where you can dive, dive, dive!!

# Years Diving: 12 (including 2 years in the US Navy)
Highest Certification Level: PADI Divemaster

PADI Certifications:
* Open water
* Advanced open water
* Medic First Aid
* Rescue
* Night
* Deep
* Equipment Specialist
* Ice
* Search & Recovery
* Wreck
* Dry suit
* Master Scuba Diver
* Divemaster

TDI Certifications:
* Nitrox
* Advanced Nitrox
* Decompression Procedures

Favorite types of diving: Wreck or drift
Favorite diving location: Truk Lagoon or Palau
Full-time Employer: Lentz Custom Homes, Inc
E-mail address: